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HLCC and Scalp New York / Jerod have teamed up to give you HLCC’s 30+ years of experience in 30 counties worldwide, with the most talented SMP Hair Treatment Artists. HLCC can help you with all types of hair loss and all hair loss options Including:

  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Hair Transplants
  • FDA Laser Hair Loss Therapy
  • PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Hair Growth Factors
  • Hair Growth Products

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

We are the innovators of a specialized process of implanting micropigmentation into your scalp, replicating the exact size, shape, and color of a follicle, giving you the illusion of a full head of hair. The process is safe, highly effective and permanent.

See our amazing results.

How does this work?

When you join the HLCC SMP Hair Clinic family, we’re in this together for life. Whatever you need we’ll be there for you. Need another treatment session in five, ten or even twenty years? No problem. What’s more, with more locations than anyone else, we’ll still be here to serve your needs, after low-rent ‘clinics’ have long since been forgotten.

Our guarantee is a two-step promise:

  1. Any additional sessions during the first 12 months that are required to deliver the style agreed with your technician, including fading correction, are free of charge. We cover 100% of the cost.
  2. After 12 months from the date of your first procedure session, return to any of our locations and we will provide your sessions at half price. We pay 50% of the cost, and this promise covers you for life.


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This procedure is a no brainer. I spent countless dollars on products for hair loss only to be disappointed with the results. This saves you thousands of dollars over a lifetime with a permanent solution! Best thing I’ve ever done! Don’t be afraid to see what this is about. If you are worried about pain well lets just say I almost took a nap during the procedure haha. Go see Jerod today


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Before i got the procedure done i wore a hat everywhere i went. If i didn’t i was self-conscious. i tried just about every other way to replace my hair at great cost. I saw an add for this and i was skeptical. it was the best move of my life getting it done. i look ten years younger and nobody could tell what i did, it looks so natural. my confidence went up 100 percent. P.S i burnt all my hats.


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I went to see Jerod in July 2016 for a free consultation, I was frustrated with my thinning hair and wanted a solution. He immediatley put me at ease and we talked about everything except my hairline, he asked about my family, my jobs, and hobbies. He didn’t treat me like a number and I felt that he really wanted to get to know me personally. Once i felt at ease, we began talking about my new hairline. He sat me down in his chair and started to create a new front hairline and at that point I was sold. i looked 10 years younger, just with him drawing a new front edge up. We booked my first procedure a week later and then two more procedures one week apart. Its been alittle over 4 months and I have completely changed for the better. I regained my confidence, lost 20 lbs and started working out. I even have a new girlfriend! This procedure has changed my life and jerod is now one of my good friends. if you are looking for a professional that loves what he does, and loves his clients, give him a call.


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I got tired of wearing hats every damn where I went, so I made a decision to invest in myself, and I couldn't be happier. Jerod at scalp aesthetics is good at what he does, after my first session- I felt 10 years younger. Now- No more hats and no matter how many people I've told that I had the procedure done- not a single one could believe that it wasn't my hair. Even after touching my head they can't believe it!


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It was an awesome experience. Top notch results and the beginning consultation was thorough and to the point. The workmanship of the technician was professional, courteous, and very well done. The setting was comfortable and very enjoyable. I'm 100% satisfied with the results. I highly recommend that anyone who is considering having this done to go to this specific office and technician, get the consultation, and get it done. You can't find a better place anywhere else


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As my my hair started thinning and my hairline receding I thought to myself I should accept it. After a while I wasn't feeling as good with my self as I thought I would. I started looking for solutions. Everything I found wasn't permanent until I met Jerod and HLCC SMP. Even though I wasn't sure and had my doubts Jerod made sure I had all the information and all my doubts cleared. The consultation was great, it helped me make an informed decision. I was never felt forced by a sales pitch or guided to take the decision. He told me that it was up to me. It took me around 2 months and then I decided I was going for it. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Right in the first session I had a hairline (it was amazing) I couldn't stop smiling and looking in the mirror. Jerod is very understanding and makes you his priority, if you have any suggestions or changes he gladly goes through it with you. I recommend this procedure. I feel and look great. HLCC SMP is the way to go. THANKS FOR THE CONFIDENCE BOOST.