General Questions

What is scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp Pigmentation is a hair follicle replication process that helps people suffering from different types of hair loss. We use our specially designed pigments and unique application to replicate hair follicles in your scalp. This treatment is non-invasive and requires no surgery. The value compared to other alternatives like hair transplants and medications is renowned.

What is the difference between scalp micropigmentation and a regular head tattoo?

Although it may be referred to as a hair tattoo, our inks do not change color after applying like a regular tattoo does. Our needles are inserted into the dermis portion of skin, which is more controlled and prevents ink from spreading. We also have designed our own single use hand crafted needles which are 75% smaller then the needles that are commercially sold.

Can scalp micropigmentation disguise scars?

Yes, we blend the scar with surrounding hair and it becomes almost impossible to notice.

What is the cost?

Cost depends on the surface area and hair loss, which is unique for every customer. We invite you to schedule a free consultation for a personalized estimate. And we offer payment plans to fit any budget. It’s very easy to request a free consultation and quote through our online form, or give us a call today at 518-220-1500.

Will anyone be able to tell I have had this treatment done?

The look we provide in unbelievably authentic and realistic. Unless you told them, they would have no clue. Not one client we have treated has been noticed. It actually makes someone balding look younger and better.

How will I look immediately after the procedure?

There will be redness for 2-10 hours after treatment, it depends usually on your skin type. The HLCC SMP pigments initial color will appear darker than the “cured” result, which can take up to 1-2 weeks.

How long does the treatment take?

3-5 hours the first session and usually only 2-3 hours the second session. We offer a guarantee on any fading and a 1 year guarantee on touch-ups as far as hairline alteration or fading.

Will the pigment used fade or change colors?

This is not tattoo ink, this is specially formulated ink used for our purpose. There is no risk of color turning blue or green. Long term (10-15 years) it maybe be necessary to have additional treatment.

Does it matter what color my hair is?

We are the absolute professionals at matching colors. We have ink to match any hair follicle. We use our own specialized ink, it is divided into three different blends, letting us mix matching the three to create any hair color.

Detailed Questions

Quick overview of our technique?

The HLCC SMP procedure is made up of a small single use needle that we have made to replicate the exact shape and size of a follicle. We use a high powered rotary machine, which we modify to create a longer rotary stroke and implant which gives us the ability to implant more ink per second. By doing so we can inject more ink into the epidermis without going through the dermis which can create a blow out ( ink bleeding from going to deep and creating a larger impression) Per skin type, fat cells in skin, suppleness, collagen structure, oil level and follicle size, we either implant ink deeper or more shallow into skin.

What is the size of the needle which inserts the scalp and what is the pain level?

Our needle is a quarter the size of a 3 round needle, used by companies that implant pigments using permanent makeup guns. This gives us the advantage of creating actual follicles, that look just like hair. Other companies have no choice, but to create a fill, or shade that gives the illusion of hair. Our needle can be compared to making the dot of a small pin. If you look up very close to our impressions, you can’t tell the difference between the hair and the impressions. The pain level most clients tell us is 2 out of 10. Men and women who have scarring from hair transplants, they tend to have a little more discomfort due to sensitivity.

Explain what happens when the pigmentation needle machine inserts the scalp?

Our follicle shaped needle implants into the epidermis, never reaching the dermis. The skin is made of up a matrix of cross fibers that have Lumen within the cells. The lumens allow the ink to deposit into the dermis and stay consistent in size and shape.

Explain in detail how the pigment is injected?

The ink is injected using a rotary machine, which any other permanent makeup machine uses. The difference is the stroke in which we lay the ink and the depth that we implant the ink. We can implant ink on the top layer of skin because we are injecting more ink. Excess ink will fade away while the rest will stay. This leaves behind a small follicle shaped impression that won’t change in size due to the face that it is siting on the dermis. The epidermis is has blood flow and overtime it spreads and will become a shade and blend into each other. This is why you see a lot of men and women who end up having a shade on their head 1-2 years later.

What will make my procedure fade?

The answer to this questions lies in the individual makeup of the person. The sun will have a very big impact on the life of the procedure and your individual dermal collagen micro structure as well. Your genetic code has a lot to do with this as well, such as oils in your tissues and the chemical bonds in your skin tissues. The will break down these bonds, long term sunlight radiation breaks down ink and and the ink will dissolve into the skin. This could be the difference between your procedure lasting 10 years and due to the sun, it only lasting 2 years. This is why we strong suggest buying my anchor guarantee which I have used as a lotion for my head daily and has kept my procedure unscathed in the sunlight. It is also the rejuvenation of your skin, your cycle of scabbing, how long it takes your tissues to heal themselves and much more. You have to understand that your body sees my ink as a foreign object and naturally wants to reject it. This is why we deposit more than other companies using a modified machine. The collagen micro structure acts different for each person, either fading away faster or slower 7 days after the first procedure. This is why we require 2-3 procedures to ensure full coverage due to different variables.

The difference between the depths HLCC SMP implants and the competitors…

Other companies will tell you via their websites that they implant pigment beyond the Epidermal Layer, piercing the Dermal Layer. When doing this, you will lay your pigment and the impression will not run the risk of fading, but overtime your the ink will expand. As seen on the diagram, the Dermal layer has blood flow, overtime that blood flow opens the ink and spreads the ink. This is why you’ll see people walking around years later with a shade on their head and not follicles. At HLCC SMP we disperse more ink using a modified rotary gun, so we can implant in the Epidermal area, which has more consistency and will not spread overtime. We do run the risk of fading on the first treatment, that is why just as other companies, we have 2-3 procedures before our process is done. You will be much more happier with the way we implant our pigments and it lends itself to a more authentic appearance.

What is the nearest date that you are available for face-to-face consultation?

Consultations are booked based on availability and location of the client. For those who are not in close proximity, a Phone Consultation may be provided. Phone consultations are a great way to have your questions answered by our knowledgeable team members while in the comfort of your own home. Clients may also submit images for quotes and Virtual SMP composites via email or text messaging.

If things go well, how soon after the consultation can the procedure be done?

Consultations can often lead to booking procedures. These appointments are based on the availability of technicians at each site. We strive to accommodate our clients and can usually schedule procedures within a week of your initial consultation.

How many days am I required to wait in-between multiple sessions?

Every procedure package comes with a standard 2 sessions. We allow this secondary procedure to ensure optimal results while allowing room for small adjustments to the hairline and color after the product has had time to cure down. The second “Final Touches” session is scheduled by the client within the first year of their initial procedure and advise our clients to wait at least one week after the completion of their initial service to schedule.

What is the width measurement of your smallest smp needle? Is there an extra cost to have the procedure done with this needle?

Our needles are 80% smaller than standard tattoo needles and we use the same size needle in every procedure. This is to ensure control over product and placement while providing a natural look as it is the same size as a hair follicle at it’s point.

What is the width measurement of the simulated hair follicles?

In order to protect what makes HLCC SMP so different from our competitors we do not release the specific measurements of our needles, however, we can guarantee that we have taken our time in perfecting the tools of our trade and as a result every client can walk away knowing that this was something specially crafted to provide the very best look possible!

How many hairs per square inch are achieved in each treatment?

For a standard HLCC SMP treatment that includes the hairline, front, top and crown with blending can expect to have 14-15 thousand hair follicles tattooed using our point by point placement.

Am I able to see previous work of the person who is actually doing my treatment?

Every technician that works with us here at HLCC SMP goes through a very specific training program that teaches them how to work within the work of others. For this specific reason we do not encourage individual portfolios but rather the sharpening of their skills so they can work seamlessly on every client they come across whether for their initial visit or final touches.

What is the estimated price range of this treatment?

We have a range of prices that start at $1,200 for a scar and up to $5,500 for an individual who has Alopecia with no hair at all. Most of our clients have a horseshoe pattern and need a hairline, top, sides and blending. These jobs usually range between $3-4,000.00 and are based on the specific needs of the client.

Do you reuse needles?

We never reuse our needles, they are all single use needles. Every client receives a new needle at every sitting.

Can this procedure work on fair skinned people with light brown or blonde hair?

Yes. Since we custom blend our colors we are able to match hair color whether blonde, red, brown or black!

Do you have any additional photos or previous patients available for a real life look?

We update our system with before and after photos all the time, however since this is such a personal service most of our clients choose to have their images kept private. We can provide before and after images to clients but keeping up to date with our social media sites are often the best places to find all of our updated information such as instagram and facebook.

Will this procedure need to be redone later to fill in spaces as I continue to lose more hair? If so, how much would it cost?

Our product is now lasting into the ten year mark so we know that having the security of long lasting results is important. We will assess your scalp and specific concerns and base outcomes on our findings. For those who are worrisome of continued hair loss we have our Anchor Guarantee. This will allow clients to visit us an unlimited number of times throughout the term of their agreement and are also provided with a protective, skin soothing cream that will keep your SMP looking fresh.

I realize this is a tattoo, but does it look like a tattoo in person?

Although this is a form of tattooing this is not your average run of the mill tattoo. We have specifically created our system around realistic results so unless you tell those around you, your outcome will be undetectable.

If after treatment, I am unhappy, mistakes need to be fixed, additional work needs to be done, a touch up is in order, etc… How much would this cost?

Every client is guaranteed two visits within their standard package. If there are concerns with your final results we will address them accordingly to ensure complete satisfaction at no additional cost. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with your results!

Roughly how many years down the line will the smp fade or discolor, or look less realistic in any way? How much does it cost to have this corrected?

We have clients that have reached their ten year mark with having SMP completed with us and those who followed their post care procedures and keep their scalps from over exposure to the elements have had no issue with fading. For those who did not or for those who are always exposed to the sun we have different options. The first would be taken care of within their Guarantee or we can provide pricing around their need with consideration of them being a repeat customer.

Do you offer any other scalp/hair related services?

Yes, HLCC has been a global leader in Hair loss for over 30 years. At HLCC®, we create individualized programs with our advanced technology that address multiple causes of thinning hair and provide safe, effective solutions.

HLCC’s multi-therapeutic approach combines hair care products, services & solutions of the highest quality with low level light hair care services for unmatched results.  HLCC has More Than 300 Locations In Over 30 Countries Worldwide.

How long does the scalp take to fully heal after the procedure?

We provide a post care protocols and products that should be followed for the first week and after that all we ask is that you keep your scalp protected with a high SPF.

Do you offer some sort of guarantee of satisfaction?

Our biggest hope is that we at HLCC SMP will soar above our clients satisfaction and its one of the biggest reasons we provide two sittings within every package. If there are any concerns our clients would like to have addressed before, during and after their procedure we will be happy to address accordingly.

Will I be able to do a 0 or 1 buzz, or will I need to blade shave daily to keep things realistic?

The two most popular length suggestions are a 0 or 1 guard but we do often have clients who prefer shave or foil shave their scalp. This is a personal preference and also based on the speed at which your hair grows.

I want my hair all to look uniform when it is razor shaved. Will I need my entire head done with smp to achieve this look?

The look that we create for you is one that will be blended into the hair that you already have. During the process of photo submission we will advise the length that should be kept in order to achieve the best look possible and we always ask that when you arrive for your treatment it is in this suggested length.

Do you have a laser to correct faulty smp procedures?

Currently we do not have a laser but have built relationships with laser technicians near all of our locations in case a referral must be provided for correction before treatment.

I’ve read about a new 3D smp procedure. Do you recommend or offer this?

We have also heard of the 3D SMP procedure and have seen it in person and have decided to not offer this procedure due to unsatisfactory results. Being that this is something that is relatively new our worries are directly related to the aging of the more striated pigments and also the length of training technicians are receiving prior to providing.

Do I need to shave my head before the procedure?

After viewing images of your scalp we will suggest the length your hair should be cut before the procedure.

My scalp will be pretty white compared to my face if I shave my head. Will tanning my head to even up skin tone affect my smp?

Whatever you do, please do not tan before your treatment! Tanning can toughen up the skin and create difficulties in getting your skin to absorb ink. We like to view the scalp in its most natural state and the less irritated the better. Before adding any pigment we will take into consideration your natural skin tone and hair color and create a look that is custom to you.

Aftercare Guidance

How long do I have to wait after receiving my HLCC SMP to shave with a razor?

Until day four or five. We recommend an electric foil shaver.

How long do I have to wait after receiving my SAT to shave with a razor?

We recommend waiting at least a week this is because your scalp is in the healing process and you would not want to interfere with your body’s natural healing process.

What if my scalp is dry?

If the artist notices your scalp is dry they will recommend a moisturizing regime, which will take place one week after your procedure.

When can I first expose my head to sunlight?

Please wait at least 30 days after your procedure date. We also recommend that you use a sunscreen with SPF 30 to 50, or greater.

I noticed a slight shine, what anti-shine product does Scalp Aesthetics recommend?

Milk of Magnesia, Max Anti Shine Gel and Headblade Headlube Matte lotion.

When can I first wash my head?

Immediately following your procedure only with baby shampoo and you will continue to use baby shampoo twice a day for one week, we will provide you with a bottle after your procedure is complete.

My job requires physical labor; will sweating interfere with my healing?

We recommend that you hold off sweating until at least 4 days then you can sweat lightly, heavy sweating by day 10.

I have a pool/hot tub when is it okay to expose my head to chlorine?

You are to wait until at least 7 days after your procedure date.