Louis | HLCC MicroScalpPigmentation
October 31, 2017

As my my hair started thinning and my hairline receding I thought to myself I should accept it. After a while I wasn’t feeling as good with my self as I thought I would. I started looking for solutions. Everything I found wasn’t permanent until I met Jerod and HLCC SMP. Even though I wasn’t sure and had my doubts Jerod made sure I had all the information and all my doubts cleared. The consultation was great, it helped me make an informed decision. I was never felt forced by a sales pitch or guided to take the decision. He told me that it was up to me. It took me around 2 months and then I decided I was going for it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Right in the first session I had a hairline (it was amazing) I couldn’t stop smiling and looking in the mirror. Jerod is very understanding and makes you his priority, if you have any suggestions or changes he gladly goes through it with you. I recommend this procedure. I feel and look great. HLCC SMP is the way to go. THANKS FOR THE CONFIDENCE BOOST.

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