USTI SMP 3D Artistry™ Certified Principal Educator

Master Scalp Artist

Pam Neighbors has 25+ years in the SMP and in the permanent cosmetics field. She uses her years of artistry in tattoo art, skin needling, camouflaging, her work with plastic surgeons and SMP’s most advanced micropigmentation techniques including SMP 3D Artistry™ to provide the best possible experience for her students. Pam believes in creating new and higher standards in SMP education, and this is the key to the future of the SMP industry.  Pam stays current with the latest equipment and techniques allows her and her team of USTI® educators to ensure that each student receives optimum training experience in a safe, comfortable environment.

Her attention to detail and no-nonsense approach paired with her sense of humor keeps her student confident education.  Most importantly, she listens to her students, customizing the training to each student, so each student has the confidence in the training to truly help their clients while building a solid, long-term business.


Pam holds these credentials:

  • USTI® Certified Master Scalp Micropigmentation Educator
  • Certified Master Scalp Micropigmentation Technician – Brandwood Clinic, UK
  • Certified Master Scalp Aesthetics Technician
  • Certified Scalp Micropigmentation Technician – Canada Certified Permanent Cosmetics Artist
  • Trillium Ink Scalp Academy Master Artist/Educator
  • Florida State Licensed Permanent Cosmetics/Tattoo Artist
  • Washington State Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artist
  • Oregon State Licensed Permanent Cosmetics/Tattoo Artist
  • Washington State Licensed Esthetician
  • Certified Dermal Micro Needling Technician